Psychespot came from the idea that Inner Knowledge is Power. Knowing about how the mind works may not be the only answer for inner growth, but it sure is a first step towards mental wellness.

The mission of this blog is to promote mental wellness by informing about the perks of the human mind. We write about prominent theories and research in psychology. We also believe in ancient spiritual teachings and therefore combine a “touch” of this wisdom with sound psychological findings.

That being said, we will be providing you with trusted information about mental health that will guide you into a self-awareness journey. Our articles will keep you informed on how the mind processes emotions and thoughts that will help you self-reflect on your unique inner processes. For undergoing a deeper psychological growth and advancement, we recommend psychotherapy. 

I welcome you to explore the realms of your psyche and consequently be a step ahead when it comes to mental wellness. So go ahead and take a glimpse into your inner world by downloading our book, The Psychology of Intuition.