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Read on to find out 8 practical ways on how to be more intuitive.

Have you ever had dreams that perfectly predict the future? Or have you ever had a strong sense of knowing about someone or something? These are examples of having a strong connection with that wise part of yourself —your intuition.

This wise inner voice comes from your unconscious mind. This part of your mind constitutes 95 percent of all brain activity. It hides mental information acquired throughout your entire life, and it influences and directs all of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

There are some ways you can access your unconscious mind, and therefore ways on how to be more intuitive:

1. Nurture your Self Awareness

Learn to recognize your intuition by becoming self-aware.

Your intuition may speak in a very subtle and quiet voice —it might be difficult to recognize it. In addition, these intuitive messages may pass in a flash. In order to detect these flashing wise messages, you must become aware of your inner process. You need to become mindful.

Mindfulness is the process of becoming aware of all your thoughts and emotions. It is being fully present with your inner processes and experiences without emitting any kind of judgment.

According to mindfulness expert, Deepak Chopra, mindfulness gives clarity to the mind and is linked to intuition and creativity.

Another way on how to be more intuitive is through meditation.

2. Practice Meditation

Meditation awakens your intuition by quieting the incessant chatter of your mind. It is the active process of appeasing your mind. If you’re consistent with meditation it will take you to an inner place of peace, wisdom, and calm. This is where your intuition resides. It comes out only when the mind is quiet, because when quiet, the unconscious mind speaks.

Once you access this place of inner wisdom and calm, you also reach your inner source of love. You’ll discover that your intuition is intertwined with love. As so, it will always lead you to make decisions based on altruistic values.

This takes us to #3 on how to be more intuitive:

 3. Become Aware of your Intrinsic Values

To access your intuition, you must first be aware of your intrinsic values. These are traits that are inherently rewarding.  Examples of intrinsic values include embracing a life centered around spreading love and kindness or resolutely upholding honesty in all situations. Another example could be valuing a strong connection with God.

Once you’re aware of your intrinsic values use them as a compass to direct your thoughts and behaviors. This way you’ll be living aligned to your true essence —which is what intuition is all about. Being true to yourself makes your intuition pop out.

4. Always Follow your Heart

Your intuition will always lead you toward paths based on love and selflessness because its outcomes are beneficial to you and others. Your intuition’s got your back, and it can quickly identify if something could be harmful to you.

Your intuition will not lead you to hurt someone else either. If you need to hurt someone to obtain a desired result, then it’s most likely that you’ll get an uneasy feeling in the gut. If you’re in touch with your intuition, then it will steer you away from any path that demands you to betray yourself or someone else.

So when in doubt, always follow the path of your heart—that is, the path that’s best for you and others.

5. Spend Time in Nature
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Spending time in nature yields many benefits. For one, nature restores your mind. A study made in 2020 established that being in nature reduces stress and increases peoples’ affect and well-being. The ability to relax your mind invites your intuitive voice to speak. In that sense, nature connects you with your intuition.

So consider taking daily time-outs in nature. It may be a source of inspiration for your ongoing projects. Or perhaps when you least expect it, ‘aha moments’ will pop out of nowhere as you sit back and enjoy a natural scenery.

Being in touch with your creative side can also relax you into becoming more intuitive.

6. Foster your Creativity

Are you aware of an activity where you seem to zone out while creating intuitively?

You’re connected with your intuition when you’re invested in a creative process that gives you a strong sense of joy and fulfillment. During this mental state, your rational mind is at rest while you either act intuitively or receive powerful intuitive hunches.

Being able to create intuitively is productivity at its finest. This type of work satisfies you and energizes you. It clears your head and gives way for your intuition to come out —it nurtures your intuition.

Another method to enhance intuition is through self-reflection. This takes us to way #7.

7. Make Journaling a Habit

Journaling is self-reflecting about thoughts and emotions on specific situations or outcomes. It connects you with your intuition because it’s a profound conversation that solidifies what you already —deep inside — know.

So, whenever you’re going through a difficult situation, or are unable to decide, take a pen out and start writing intuitively. It may lead to unexpected discoveries about yourself and others.

On another note, Journaling is also used in counseling because of its numerous therapeutic effects. Besides nurturing your intuition, it reduces stress, develops self-awareness, and improves your overall mood.

Finally, our last recommendation on how to be more intuitive:

8. Let go of your Expectations

Letting go of specific outcomes — and accepting any possible outcome — can get you the most on-point intuitive hits.

Let’s say you must make an important decision. You may suffer if you become fixated on a desired outcome. Perhaps you think that making a wrong decision may bring chaos and destruction into your life. But being fixated on one specific outcome limits your possibilities. This can only lead to frustration and missed opportunities. Consider accepting whichever outcome as the only possible reality.

Additionally, holding on to one specific outcome will not let you see your true path. Your intuition will always take you to the path your soul needs, even if it’s not your desired outcome. It may guide you to a “wrong” or less advantageous path so that you can discover that perhaps your desired goal was never meant for you.


Exploring these eight practical ways on how to be more intuitive fosters your inner wisdom and guides you to the most fulfilling path for your soul. By practicing mindfulness, engaging in meditation, and becoming aware of intrinsic values, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery that fosters intuitive abilities.

On that same token, following your heart, spending time in nature, and nurturing creativity further amplifies your connection with your Higher Self, thereby enhancing your intuition.

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