Author of: The Psychology of Intuition

Sarah Peláez

Sarah Peláez was born with her twin sister, Laura, in 1987 in the Dominican Republic. She became a clinical psychologist in 2008. Later, she acquired a master’s degree in literacy studies from Western Michigan University. For nearly a decade, she honed her expertise as a psychologist and learning therapist in her home country.

In 2020, facing the challenge of her sister’s battle with bone cancer, Sarah relocated to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, to provide support and care. Simultaneously, she pursued a master’s degree in clinical psychology at The International University of Sarajevo. Following her sister’s passing in 2021, Sarah shifted her focus to writing, leveraging her experiences and passion to work as a content writer. This transition marked a significant chapter in her journey, where she channels her dedication to psychology and mental health by writing compelling narratives.

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