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Is it Intuition or Anxiety?

These real-life scenarios of intuition and anxiety will help you determine if you should listen to that gut feeling.

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Your intuition is always alert. It’s constantly informing you and guiding you onto the right path. However, recognizing this wise voice may be challenging since the intuitive gut feeling may be erroneously confused with emotional responses linked to anxiety. Moreover, if you’re constantly disregarding intuitive signs, anxiety may show up quickly after and therefore cloud your intuitive hunches. So how can you tell if it’s intuition or anxiety?

In this article, we will help you distinguish intuition from anxiety by illustrating specific examples of when it’s unmistakably intuition, when it’s distinctly anxiety, and when these two inner states overlap.

Journey into the Unconscious: Carl Jung’s Insights on Intuition

Room of mirrors portraying Carl Jung's archetypes.
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Carl Jung (1875-1961), was a distinguished Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. His deep knowledge of literature, art, eastern religion, alchemy, and pagan mythology helped him create one of the most prominent fields in psychology: Analytic Psychology.

Derived from Freud’s Psychoanalysis, Analytical Psychology retained an emphasis on the unconscious but expanded beyond the personal unconscious to include archetypes and a collective unconscious.

Intuition is The Highest Form of Intelligence

As the Highest form of Intelligence, intuition is our 3rd eye
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Intelligence includes abilities such as logical reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical thinking. Yet, there exists an enigmatic and often overlooked maestro—intuition. This ethereal faculty, often dismissed as subjective or unquantifiable, is, in fact, posited by many as the highest form of intelligence.

Beyond the confines of reason, intuition harnesses the power of instinct, experience, and subconscious processing to unveil insights that elude the conscious mind. In this article we will explore intuition’s spiritual and scientific backgrounds as well as ways to enhance it.

Dreams Unveiled: Exploring Symbols in Art and Their Meanings

The Dream Painting: Symbols in Art and Their Meanings

According to Carl Jung, archetypes are universal symbols and themes that reside in the collective unconscious of humanity. They represent fundamental human experiences and emotions, and are expressed through various forms of artistic expression.

Jung believed that dreams often act as a canvas for the projection of archetypal imagery, offering glimpses into the Unconscious. In this article, we will explore how artists used their dreams, personal tragedies, and visons to create powerful symbols in art and their meanings.

Clairvoyant Dreams: Messages From Your Higher Self

Clairvoyant Dream: a boat in the sky
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Have you ever found answers to some of your inquiries during your dreams, or had premonitions exert themselves while you sleep? Some people get most of their intuitive messages through dreams; it’s one of the preferred ways the Higher Self speaks to you.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating realm of clairvoyant dreams, exploring what they are and how they can provide profound insights and guidance from the deeper layers of consciousness.

12 Signs You’re an Intuitive Person

Intuitive Person
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Have you ever experienced an uncanny sense that events will unfold in a particular manner? Perhaps you’ve had dreams that surprisingly foretell the future, or you’ve got a bad gut feeling about someone that later proves accurate. If you find yourself affirming these scenarios, it’s possible that you’re aligned to your wise inner self, your Higher self. Continue reading to explore the signs that reveal the extent of your intuitive nature.

7 Tips on How to Listen to Your Intuition in Relationships

How to Listen to Your Intuition in Relationships
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Understanding and listening to your intuition can be a powerful tool for avoiding relationships that could potentially result in disappointment and pain. Embracing your intuition can also help you foster old and new meaningful connections. In light of this, we offer 7 practical tips on how to effectively tune into your intuition.

Best Quotes About Intuition

Best Quotes About Intuition
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Even if you can’t explain how you know, the marvels of intuition have shown that conscious and deliberate debates when making important decisions are not always required. Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein are a few of the most notorious revolutionaries who have attributed their overall life success to their intuitive abilities. As such, we have garnerned 70 of the best quotes about intuition from well-known figures in psychology, philosophy, business, and other fields:

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