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The Perks of Being Empathetic


Being empathetic means entering the private perceptual world of the other and becoming truly at home in it.

Carl Rogers

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Raising emotionally intelligent children

We all want children that are respectful, compassionate, empathetic, and emotionally strong, right? However, raising emotionally intelligent children is very close to impossible if you don’t have these capacities yourself. It’s sort of a “practice what you preach” kind of thing. 

What Makes Someone Toxic?

What makes someone toxic?

You’ve probably heard the word “toxic” a little bit too often. It’s easily thrown around here or there: toxic people, toxic relationships or even toxic behavior. But what exactly makes someone toxic?

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

It has been known for a long time now, that having a high IQ is not enough for leading a fulfilling and successful life. You also need to have at least a bit of emotional intelligence. But what exactly is emotional intelligence, and how can you nurture it?

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