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How to Homeschool Your Kids

A ‘how to’ guide for parents out there trying to survive the Coronavirus Pandemic.

How to homeschool your kids

I’m pretty sure that in this time and day, you never thought you would have to end up googling guides on “How to Homeschool your Kids.” But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, parents from all parts of the world have had to adapt to their children’s new modes of learning. Some have had to take second jobs —yes, that’s the only way to describe homeschooling— whereas others are luckier to just help out with remote learning. 

What is Emotional Intelligence?

emotional intelligence

It has been known for a long time now, that having a high IQ is not enough for leading a fulfilling and successful life. You also need to have at least a bit of emotional intelligence. But what exactly is emotional intelligence, and how can you nurture it?

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